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First impressions count, especially when you’re in the business of selling and maintaining multimillion dollar boats. That’s why The Boat Works, a major Gold Coast marine precinct, chose Pothole People Qld to carry out the asphalt overlay of its main car park. As a busy marina with a nearby restaurant, the work needed to be completed out of normal operating hours and around local trading businesses. 

The need for continued and unimpeded vehicle access and hazard free pedestrian areas, as well as laying asphalt outside of typical working hours, is something we have a lot of experience doing. Local boat selling agents commented on the quality of our work and that it spruced up the appearance of the whole facility. 

Don’t overlook your car park, it’s the first thing your customers will see that starts the impressions they have of you and your business. If your car park needs some attention, reach out to us today (ph. 1800 768 465 / email We are highly experienced in asphalt overlays and resurfacing as well as crack sealing work to prevent further damage (and expense). Check us out at and show your customers you care.