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We’re excited to be the company chosen as the Member Feature in the current edition (Summer 2023) of CCF Qld’s (Civil Contractors Federation Qld) ‘Qld:Insight’ magazine. Check out the article we shared below: 

Much more than just potholes.

An extensive asphalt services and solutions provider, Pothole People Qld was established in 2000 with the aim to become Southeast Queensland’s best asphalt company. Catering to the asphalt needs of local councils and shires, civil and civic engineering firms, corporate and commercial property managers, business owners, and individuals; Pothole People Qld has carved a niche for itself in tackling asphalt projects often deemed too tricky or fiddly by other providers. 

Over its 23 years in operation, Pothole People Qld has positioned itself as the experts in asphalt, gaining a reputation for the highest quality workmanship, customer service and professionalism. Its loyal customer base is testament to the company’s standards of service and commitment to the provision of great asphalt.  

Experts in asphalt services. 

As its name would suggest, Pothole People Qld started out repairing potholes. 23 years on, and the company is servicing the needs of large-scale construction jobs and commercial properties. A dedicated management team lead the company, each with decades of experience and focused on providing the best in asphalt to every client. Company Director, Greg Quince, took over the business in 2004, and with General Manager, Adam Pinkerton, set to establish the company as a front runner in high quality asphalt solutions. With several backyard operations in the industry, Pothole People Qld were keen to set themselves apart. Employing the highest qualified and most experienced asphalt experts to join the team, the company worked to establish its reputation in the industry and raise the standards clients should expect when commissioning asphalt services. 

Asphalt services offered:

  • Asphalt advice and industry insight / experience. 
  • Design consultation and safe onsite management.
  • Minimal public disruption and access limitations during works.
  • Roadway and turning area establishment and widening. 
  • Repair and resurfacing to slip roads, turning lanes and road intersections. 
  • Redirection of thoroughfares and ramp upgrades. 
  • Flood restoration and damaged road repairs. 
  • Car park overlays, resurfacing and maintenance. 
  • Driveways, potholes, and crack sealing. 
  • Speed humps, parking bollards, and line marking.
  • Tenanted property asphalt surfaces maintenance. 
  • Culvert repairs and extensions.
  • Trenches for plumbing and electrical pipe or cable work.

Project successes.

  • Brisbane Markets – supporting the asphalt requirements of this 70-hectare site. Recently, this was the western gatehouse. The job needed to be keyed into the concrete as the slab at the exit lane had sunk, causing issues for exiting trucks and load shifts with the uneven surface. Bi-Tac tape, a bituminous membrane that helps to stop movement between concrete joints, was applied. The area was overlayed and compacted with high-strength asphalt, and asphalt joint tape was applied to help stop water egress. The project included traffic control planning and regular communication with Brisbane Market shareholders. Completed in less than a day to minimise traffic delay impact. 
  • Darra BMX track – 1,645m2 size BMX track with 120 tonnes of asphalt hand-placed using wheelbarrows over 4 days. Due to the angles of the berms, plate compactors on ropes and pulleys were used to compact the asphalt on these sloped surfaces. An AMCO prime was applied manually to the surface as a spray truck could not be used on the job site. 
  • Morayfield shopping centre car park resurfacing – 500m2 of profiling and reinstallation of 100mm of Dg 14mm multigrade asphalt, with comprehensive traffic management. Profiling used a 2-metre milling machine with all waste asphalt millings recycled for re-purposed new asphalt. Asphalt installation achieved in one layer using a Vogele paving machine. Completed over 1 Sunday night with traffic allowed to the newly surfaced area 7am the following day. 
  • ‘Nyrambla’ driveway – 160m2 driveway overlay of this stately $9 million home ahead of sale. Full surface preparation, machine-laid asphalt using a paver, and heavy rollers used to compact. Proper compaction to ensure air gaps removed and a dense and durable surface was achieved. Machine laid to ensure a consistent thickness, smooth and even surface finish. The results – a high-profile visually appealing asphalt driveway built for longevity. 
  • Brisbane city footpaths – created high quality asphalt footpaths in Brisbane City around a government building. Completed in several stages to reduce the works impact and to operate around other contractors onsite. The asphalt was hand placed and rolled as the location did not have space for larger machines. 

The future

  • Continuous improvement – Pothole People Qld are committed to continuous improvement, both in supporting their team and providing the best in asphalt solutions to their clients. The company is working towards main roads accreditation as well as ISO environment, OH&S, and quality certification. 
  • Investment – To provide their clients with the best, Pothole People Qld ensure that they have the best – people, equipment, and service. The company will continue its investment in their staff and equipment. It has retained some of the most experienced and qualified staff in the industry with all their Senior Supervisors having experience that spans more than 20 years. The company has an extensive range of top-of-the-line equipment and regularly invests in the latest in innovative equipment to enhance the efficiency, quality, and finish of their asphalt solutions, while creating less impact on client’s businesses as they work. 
  • Environment – Pothole People Qld are focused on recycling used asphalt where possible, look to invest in low emission equipment, and operate an almost fully electronic office. Working towards ISO environment certification, the company will continue to improve its environmental awareness while maintaining its high standards in asphalt service provision.
  • Clients and asphalt solutions – Pothole People Qld will continue to strive to be the asphalt company of choice in Southeast Queensland. Servicing large scale construction and commercial property asphalt requirements, as well as supporting small businesses, property managers and individuals with their asphalt needs. Aiming to be a one-stop-shop in the provision of asphalt solutions, and not shying away from more challenging asphalt projects. 

Contact Pothole People Qld

Phone:            1800 768 465 or 0419 142 785



Pictured: Darra BMX track project – hand-placing 120 tonnes of asphalt on this 1,645m2 sized BMX track.