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Brisbane Asphalt & Bitumen Repairs


Large area expansion

An expansion to a well known caravan outlet at Tingalpa sees the PHP crew laying down 1850 square metres of asphalt in one day.

tingalpa1  tingalpa2

Roadway repair and overlay

This small roadway repair and overlay was recently completed at a Gold Coast wildlife park. The access was very limited, but that didn’t stop or slow down PHP and the job was completed in record time by our crew. Call the experts for your tricky hard to reach jobs.

GCWPBefore Shot  GCWPAfter shot

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Smooth a driveway ramp with asphalt

A high-end prestige property on the inner south side of Brisbane recently underwent some major renovations. When the concrete driveway was finished, it was left with a major drop between the crossover and the road. Pothole People Qld to the rescue.

By creating an asphalt ramp, the transition from road to driveway is very smooth so the client will be able to get whatever flash sports cars he likes into the garage, without damage to the wheels. It also gets the little kids home safely without waking them up. Naturally the dentist client is all smiles!

driveway ramp  driveway ramp

driveway ramp driveway ramp

We fix other company’s bad asphalt work!

At Pothole People Qld, we pride ourselves on quality work. We've had a lot of calls lately from customers left in the lurch by substandard jobs that have been done by a company that won’t return to fix their mistakes!  We fix other company’s bad asphalt work.

Call PHP now for Quality asphalt work every time.

Asphalt damaged by burst pipe

This is a job recently completed at a market place. A valve had burst and this had damaged the asphalt. The client wanted the area fixed but the rest of the area was in a bad way, they decided to do the entire intersection. PHP profiled the area out to 50mm deep and reinstated with new high strength asphalt. We then reinstated the line marking. This had to be done right as it was out the front of the main entrance. That is why the client selected PHP for the works.  Another happy customer!!

news paving   news completedpaving

If you need a large area done like this, call PHP now we have all the expertise, equipment and know how to get the job done right!

Asphalt works anytime!

The team at PHP can carry out works any time of the day or night

We have a team of asphalt specialists that can do quality work on time, on budget and with the minimum of disruption to your business or household.

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New driveway & carpark for worshipers

New asphalt driveway & carpark for worshipers at St John’s Cathedral Brisbane. We profiled out the area and then reinstated with new asphalt to give the church a fresh look.

Click any image for a larger view.

stjohns 2 stjohns 3 stjohns 1 stjohns 4

Bitumen Bandits out again


Residents in Thornlands be on the look-out for bitumen bandits. Don’t be fooled by their cheap offers. They don’t offer the real deal and it won’t last so just say no! If you are approached by these people please call 137468 and let the Office of Fair Trading know.

Potholes of all Sizes

Potholes of all Sizes

Even if you have only small potholes that you may think are not an issue, think again. These can cause major problems in the future especially with the storm season upon us again. If water is allowed to penetrate the road base or sub grade this can then cause your pavement to deteriorate very quickly and therefore cost you a lot more in the future.  

PHP can get in and get the works repaired very quickly at a time that suits you!! Call now 1800 768 465

Cracks in your asphalt? Crack Sealing may be the answer!

If you have cracks in your asphalt or concrete surface, we can seal them up before they cause a major issue.

Pothole People only use a hot rubberised, polymer crack sealing solution that is heated to 180 degrees and mechanically applied through a walk behind machine. Our professionally trained operators are certified to carry out the process and know how to get it right each time.   

Don’t be fooled by suppliers trying to reduce their costs only to make more money at your expense. For example, some will use a cold crack sealer which is inferior and inevitably creates more problems because it shrinks and becomes inflexible when it sets. The inflexibility results in re-cracking causing water to enter the pavement again.

These cracks then allow water to enter the asphalt pavement and therefore the sub grade or road base, and allow the road base and ultimately your asphalt to fail.

Asphalt crack sealing as caried out by Pothole People, is the only full repair method accepted by QLD Main Roads & Councils that can extend the life of your asphalt pavement. Need to know more? Contact us now for a free, no obligation quote.

Get what you ask for and pay for!

A number of our clients have told us that work done by other asphalt contractors has failed almost immediately after the work has been completed. It's a story we hear time and time again - bad asphalting jobs, shoddy contractors, and therefore unhappy customers.

When we go to fix up the work of these bad operators we usually find they have taken shortcuts. They told the customer they were going to excavate out the area and didn't; they supplied, laid and compacted road base and asphalt but didn't excavate out enough thereby only laying half the depth of both products.

At Pothole People, we never take shortcuts. We make sure you get what you’ve paid for. When we say that carparks should have a minimum of 150mm deep road base and 30mm asphalt - that's what we do. When we say a driveway should have 100-130mm of road base and of 25-30mm asphalt - thats what we lay.  If we quote on a hardstand for truck or forklift trafficked areas that should be at least 200mm on road base and 50mm minimum asphalt  - that's what we supply.

With pothole People you can be assured that you not only get what you've paid, but also that the quality and workmanship meet the highest standards. Call PHP now on 1800 768 465.