Our Equipment

To provide you with the best, we have made sure that we have the best – the best people, equipment and service. We have an extensive range of top of the line plant to meet your asphalt needs. We invest in the latest in innovative equipment to enhance the efficiency, quality and finish for your job while creating less impact on your business as we work.

Our Fleet Includes:

  • Frontline Skidsteer with 3 attachments – profiler, bucket, and broom.
  • Profiler – enjoy a less dusty work site. The profiler attachment mills up failed asphalt and equipped with water, cuts down on dust. As a bonus, asphalt pavement cutting is much quicker, completing your job in a timelier manner.
  • Bucket – Removes milled / loose material from your site as well as used to spread asphalt road base.
  • Broom – sweeps loose material and removes it from your site fast, again keeping your work site clean and tidy.
  • New technology has a quieter engine and very low emissions.

Keeping your site cleaner and tidier. Used for our small patch work and will remove all and any rubbish from our small pothole/patching operations.

This is our mainline machine we use to construct asphalt pavement roads, carparks, driveways, paths and patches. This machine is designed and built in Germany and has the most advanced technology built in. It includes electrically heated screed with compacting Tampers and vibrators, so the asphalt will be 80% compacted prior to being rolled. Sensor Niveltronic joint matches, perfectly matches the joins and existing edges and also aids our operators to achieve the smooth and level finish our customers expect and deserve.

4 Bomag Rollers, ranging from 2.7 ton through to 4.5 ton with ‘Economizer’ a feature that automatically determines the compaction progress. This stops any risk of over or under compaction of the road base and asphalt. Compaction is one of the most important fundamental factors of asphalt paving and laying, that’s why we only use the best rollers.

6 specialist flocon asphalt trucks that keep the asphalt at the correct temperature for laying throughout the day.

4 large tippers (10 metre), with floats to transport all plant to and from job sites, as well as carting waste and road base/asphalt.

8-ton excavator, with a hydraulic thumb attachment for removing concrete easily and safely. This excavator also has a ‘Remu’ screening bucket as we recycle all our good hard fill. We remove from sites what we can re-use on others to save the waste going to landfill, and also to save our customers money.

Case 90 Horsepower, SR250 large skid steer loader with 750mm wide road profiler to allow for a large job cut/remove, and power broom/Bucket attachments.

Bobcat 90 horsepower, S770 skid steer loader with 600 wide road profiler and power broom/ Bucket attachments.

Trailer mounted lighting towers so we can carry out works for our customers at night if required at a moment’s notice.

Additional plant to complete all types of work.

We have sufficient plant to ensure we are able to have the flexibility to meet all of our customers’ needs and can cater for urgent jobs, so you get the repair done when you need it. To meet your timing and requirements, and to reduce impact on your business, we are able to carry out work at any time of the day or night.