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As either an individual or representative of your company accepting work, you are responsible for contractors working on your home or business site. Don’t be fooled into the lure of a cheap price and accept the risk of shoddy operators.

Recently at a Brisbane shopping centre, a contractor supplied asphalt laying services without using licensed traffic control workers. Instead, they chose to use unlicensed workers, no safety equipment and no high visibility workwear. Add to this the fact that no flashing lights were used to warn motorists and the risks and dangers are immediately apparent.

Pothole People Qld have you covered with public liability and vehicle insurance, in addition to guaranteeing the full certification of all our workers on your site. We are also members of leading industry associations such as AAPA (Australian Asphalt Pavement Association) and the Civil Contractors Federation. we are also certified by CM3, a world-wide safety & environmental certification agency.

Pothole People has supplied asphalt services to Southern QLD business since 2000. I am 3rd generation in the construction industry with my grandfather starting in 1927. I have worked in this industry since 1976. Our General Manager, Adam Pinkerton has been in the industry since leaving school 23 years ago.

Please know, asphalt laying services have mandatory government legislated requirements and unscrupulous backyard operators can place you, your customers and family at risk. Don’t be caught out. Ask for copies of certification and Safe Method work statements BEFORE considering a quote from any contractor.