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The new financial year is fast approaching, and this is often a busy time for us. So, don’t delay, contact us today to get your job booked in before the end of the financial year. We’ve got all your asphalt services covered. Whether you’re looking to surface (or resurface) a car park, repair or fill in a pothole or crack, add a speed bump or line markings, we can help you. If you’re keen to save money and time, want a high-quality product for a fair price and no call backs to get it right the second time, we’re the experienced and personable team with the best reputation in Southeast Queensland. We also have the latest specialised equipment to get the job done efficiently with minimal fuss. Check out the range of asphalt services we offer and contact us today to discuss your needs. 

The Pothole People Qld Team. 

Our asphalt services include:

Road Profiling

Save time and money on your road profiling needs. With our top of the range and versatile 600mm and 750mm wide road profiler units, we can mill out failed asphalt and road base up to 200mm in depth. Our units, which attach to our Bobcat S770 and Case SR250 loaders, will leave you with a clean edge ready for reinstatement with deep lift asphalt or road base and asphalt. Avoid the need for saw cutting the perimeter and enjoy a clean level base. We also have access to 1 and 2 metre cold milling machines if the job is too big for our small skid steers.

Electrical trenches and overlays

Over time, asphalt surfaces can start to break up. Freshen up the look of your asphalt surface with an overlay; and seal up any alligator cracking to avoid costly future repairs. Overlays can save you the expense of reconstructing a complete asphalt area. We are equipped with all the plant requirements to service your overlay and cracking sealing works, as well as trench excavations and resurfacing needs. We also have experience working with major electrical contractors to assist in the laying of new power supply cables.

Trip hazards

Safety underpins all our asphalt services and jobs. We work with our customers to repair trip hazards. Contact us to make your walking surface safe again for your customers, residents, and employees, and avoid potential fines and legal suits if trip accidents occur. Trip hazards can be caused by many things such as tree roots, settling ground, freezing weather, which can all make a footpath uneven over time. If your footpath is misaligned by up to 3cm, we can ground this down and eliminate the problem for you.

Crack sealing

Maintain your pavements in a practical and cost-effective way. Crack sealing is an extremely economical way of preserving pavements. Avoid more expensive and extensive measures such as pavement resurfacing and reconstruction.

Cracks in pavements allow moisture to penetrate the surface, which causes permanent material failure. Failure to seal cracks results in further cracking, potholes and eventually a major pavement breakdown, leading to unnecessary and expensive repairs. To minimise the water infiltrating the pavement base and to prevent future pavement problems, we use a hot applied crack sealer with a rubberised bitumen sealant. As it’s heated it can be done all year around including in winter.

With flexible and fast drying properties, this sealer enables vehicular traffic immediately after application. It has very good binding properties and will get right into the crack, sealing it totally. A lot of cold rubber crack sealers don’t work and tend to re-crack almost immediately after application and therefore only temporarily sealing the crack, if at all. We ensure that when we seal your pavement crack, it is not a short-term fix, but work that will last.

Speed bumps

Speed bumps are often a requirement in most business centres, hotels, shopping centres. Speed bumps are also used in reduced speed road areas and to divert water into drainage pits or gutter, these are more commonly known as asphalt bunding. Make your speed bump works a straight-forward, quick, and easy process. We provide quotes quickly; and have a reputation for being easy to work with and providing excellence in workmanship.

Line marking

We can carry out all aspects of line marking for your project. We use only the highest quality road marking paint and supplies. We can refresh your existing carpark lines or create a new look with a new layout. We can package line marking together with asphalt works saving you time and money, with less contractors to deal with and paperwork to complete.

Pothole repairs

Don’t ignore potholes! A seemingly small pothole can deteriorate the sub-base and before you know it, turn into a very expensive asphalt repair or reconstruction. If someone trips or damages their vehicle in the pothole, it can become costly. Avoid these issues, and get your pothole repaired promptly and easily. Delays will make this a more expensive repair than it needs to be! We make your pothole repairs a simple and quick process and will save you money in the long-term.


We only use asphalt from quality assured suppliers and all our work is completed to main roads specifications. If you require testing on the sub-base and newly laid asphalt, we can carry this out. With an extensive portfolio of equipment, and a highly experienced and service orientated team, we can carry out any paving project you have, large or small.