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A number of our clients have told us that work done by other asphalt contractors has failed almost immediately after the work has been completed. It's a story we hear time and time again - bad asphalting jobs, shoddy contractors, and therefore unhappy customers.

When we go to fix up the work of these bad operators we usually find they have taken shortcuts. They told the customer they were going to excavate out the area and didn't; they supplied, laid and compacted road base and asphalt but didn't excavate out enough thereby only laying half the depth of both products.

At Pothole People, we never take shortcuts. We make sure you get what you’ve paid for. When we say that carparks should have a minimum of 150mm deep road base and 30mm asphalt - that's what we do. When we say a driveway should have 100-130mm of road base and of 25-30mm asphalt - thats what we lay.  If we quote on a hardstand for truck or forklift trafficked areas that should be at least 200mm on road base and 50mm minimum asphalt  - that's what we supply.

With pothole People you can be assured that you not only get what you've paid, but also that the quality and workmanship meet the highest standards. Call PHP now on 1800 768 465.