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Pothole People Qld proudly completes driveway for historic home, ‘Nyrambla’

It’s no secret that as one of SEQ’s most established and trusted asphalt laying companies for over 20 years, Pothole People Qld are trusted to provide high quality solutions that customers tell their friends about and come back for. 

So, when the owners of ‘Nyrambla’; a sprawling home of historic significance in Henry Street, Ascot, needed to refresh their driveway ahead of the sale of this amazing property; they chose Pothole People Qld to do the job. 

Built in 1885, the original property was over 15 acres, and has been occupied by ABC presenter Blair Edmonds, farmers market operator Jan Power, and Queensland actor, director and writer Bille Brown before Ms Daws acquired the property. Her son, Rick Roberts lived in the property since the 1980s. 

Formerly used as a WW11 top secret intelligence base, for 3 years the house saw United States-Australian code breakers decipher intercepted Japanese codes. The house recently sold post auction for almost $9 million. 

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