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Wishing all our customers, suppliers and partners a very Happy Easter break. We’ll be closed for the long Easter weekend (7 – 10 April), so please reach out to us today to get your asphalt project booked in and to discuss your specific needs. Unsure about the full extent of asphalt services that we offer? We have all your asphalt needs covered from potholes to car parks, small repairs or fills to full resurfacing and restoration works. Not to mention that working with us is easy – we’re a friendly and professional team that meets the highest industry standards and we have fantastic customer endorsements.

Already have an asphalt surface and keen to keep it looking great? Here’s our top tips and things to consider in the care of your asphalt: 

Avoid excessive loads.

Asphalt road pavement has a load capacity beyond which the surface will deteriorate over time. While a car park or domestic driveway asphalt surface is extremely durable, weather resistant and more than suitable for the load of a car or small truck, the surface can crack or deform if large or heavy vehicles are used. 

Ensure adequate drainage.

If drainage is inadequate, rainwater can enter causing the sub-base (area below the road base) to soften. If left untreated with traffic moving over the area, deformation and cracking will occur. This is the main cause of potholes. Check your surfaces regularly and particularly after heavy or prolonged wet weather. 

Mop up chemical spills quickly.

If petrol, oil, and some chemicals are spilt onto asphalt, the contact area can soften and make it susceptible to damage from even light traffic. 

Consider wear, tear, and age.

Asphalt is a hard-working surface that can withstand our weather conditions. However, like everything it still has a life span and deterioration over time will occur. Rejuvenate old asphalt surfaces as required to protect the road base and prevent erosion. 

Clay road bases become bog when wet (most of Brisbane sits on a clay base).

With heavy and prolonged rain wet clay can become pliable and subject to movement. Monitor surfaces for cracks and damage after rain. A small repair is quicker and cheaper to fix. If you wait, you might find that a full resurface is required. 

Treat cracks, breaks and potholes early.

You’ll save yourself a lot of money in the longer term if you quickly repair any damage to your asphalt surface. 

Get the job done right the first time!

Not all asphalt providers are the same and not all meet the industry standards required to ensure longevity of an asphalt surface and a high-quality finish. Do your research before commissioning your asphalt provider. Ensure the company has endorsements from previous customers and is meeting standards. We have both. You can read what are previous customers say about us on our testimonials’ web page. We are members of the Australian Flexible Payment Association, the Civil Contractors Federation and are CM3 Certified. 

Find out more about why to work with us for your asphalt requirements and enjoy your Easter break from the Pothole People Qld Team.