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It’s not just our great team of asphalt experts and fantastic service that sets us apart. It’s also our extensive range of top-of-the-line equipment. And once again, we’ve just invested in more plant to make sure your next asphalt project runs as efficiently as possible with the best quality result. 

When thinking about booking an asphalt service, what is it that you value most? For a lot of our clients, it’s ease. Ease of working with people who know what they are doing (and who do it well). Ease of knowing that the quality will be there – the result, the finish. And ease in terms of how long the project takes to complete, looking for a company who can create less impact on your life (and for our business owning clients, less impact on your business). By investing in new equipment, we can work even more efficiently and can tackle smaller jobs with greater precision. 

Our new plant

Joining our plant is a new crack sealer, an excavator, and a new truck. 

Our new crack sealer is a fully automated, quicker, and easier to use machine, increasing our capability to save you time (and money). The job is simply done better and in a shorter time frame. Our new excavator is a small machine designed specifically for use in those difficult-to-access spaces on a job. Being more nimble and better designed to work in tighter areas, our excavator will cut time off your job. Often our larger excavators are tricky to use, and time can be wasted. Finally, our new Flocon truck in short, carries more, meaning less trips and again greater speed of completion for you. We continue to add to and upgrade our fleet – no break downs on this team! 

Our equipment

Our fleet includes:

  • Vogele 1303-3 asphalt paving machine (paver). This is our mainline machine we use to construct asphalt pavement roads, carparks, driveways, paths, and patches. This machine is designed and built in Germany and has the most advanced technology built in. It includes electrically heated screed with compacting Tampers and vibrators, so the asphalt will be 80% compacted prior to being rolled. Sensor Niveltronic joint matches, perfectly matches the joins and existing edges and aids our operators to achieve the smooth and level finish our customers expect and deserve.
  • BF223 Bomag Paver: We are the first company in Queensland to invest in this world-renowned equipment. Enabling paving as narrow as 500mm and up to 4m widths, this German built paver ensures a much faster road surfacing than the traditional hand method. It creates an enhanced finish with electrical heated screed and hydraulic vibration. You also benefit from less machines and trucks on your site during the works, so you’re able to continue business more easily. This machine is ideal for small works, including patches and trenches and anything where height restriction is an issue, like in an underground carpark or inside an industrial shed.
  • Bomag rollers: 4 new Bomag Rollers, ranging from 2.7 ton through to 4.5 ton with ‘Economizer’ a feature that automatically determines the compaction progress. This stops any risk of over or under compaction of the road base and asphalt. Compaction is one of the most important fundamental factors of asphalt paving and laying, that’s why we only use the best rollers.
  • Additional Flocon trucks: these trucks keep the asphalt at the correct temperature for laying throughout the day.
  • 8-ton excavator: with a hydraulic thumb attachment for removing concrete easily and safely. This excavator also has a ‘Remu’ screening bucket as we recycle all our good hard fill. We remove from sites what we can re-use on others to save the waste going to landfill, and to save our customers money.
  • New Case 90 Horsepower, SR250 large skid steer loader: with 750mm wide road profiler to allow for a large job cut/remove, and power broom/Bucket attachments.
  • New Bobcat 90 horsepower, S770 skid steer loader: with 600 wide road profiler and power broom/ Bucket attachments.
  • Two trailer mounted lighting towers: to carry out works for our customers at night if required at a moment’s notice.