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Rapid Road Surfacing by Pothole People

Our new asphalt paving appliance enables us to pave larger asphalt areas such as roads and carparks in a fraction of the time it used to.

Pothole People Queensland

For all asphalt laying and repairs, choose Pothole People QLD for fast reliable service. We pride ourselves for quality work and value.

PHP introduces REMU

Introducing our new REMU XO, the ultimate recycling of waste asphalt and roadbase.

We asphalt carparks and more

Pothole People QLD excel at premium Asphalt and Bitumen repairs and complete asphalt projects. We have done so for over 26 years.

A Typical Car Park Asphalt Repair

Brisbane Asphalt and Bitumen Repairs. An example of the Pothole People at work.

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Trip Hazard Repairs

Trip HazardsTrip hazards happen when a walking surface has an abrupt increase in height that is large enough to snag the toe of a shoe and cause the walker to lose balance. Trip hazards can be caused by many things such as tree roots, settling ground, freezing weather and more causing pedestrian footpaths to become uneven over time.

Trip hazards create an unsafe situation for your customers, residents, and employees and can lead to fines and legal suits should they cause injury. In most cases, footpaths that are misaligned by up to 3cm can be ground back down eliminating the dangerous trip hazard.


Pothole repairs

Pothole PeopleA simple pothole can seem annoying, when in fact it can cost you a lot of money if someone trips walking into it, or if someone driving through damages a wheel, or shocky. If not repaired quickly it can deteriorate the sub base which can then turn into a very costly asphalt repair or reconstruction of the area. 


Asphalt Overlays

Any existing asphalt surface that is breaking up due to age, can be overlayed with a layer of asphalt to give it a fresh new look. This saves reconstruction of the complete area and can save you lots of money. Overlays can also seal up alligator cracking which can lead to costly repairs if not treated in time.

Asphalt OverlaysAsphalt Overlays


Asphalt Driveways & Paving

Asphalt pavingPothole People Qld can carry out any paving job big or small, Including Roadways, driveways, carpark patches and large overlays. We have all equipment and experience necessary to produce quality work. We can meet timely requirements with any small or large scale paving project that you may have.

Pothole People Qld only use asphalt from approved quality assured suppliers and all our work is completed to main roads specifications. Pothole People Qld can also carry out testing (if required) on the sub base and newly laid asphalt.


Asphalt Crack Sealing

Crack sealingCrack sealingCrack sealing

Cracks in pavements allow moisture to penetrate the surface, which causes permanent material failure. Failure to seal cracks results in further cracking, potholes and eventually a major pavement breakdown, leading to unnecessary expensive repairs.

To minimise the water infiltrating the pavement base, crack sealing with a polymer/rubberised bitumen sealant is required, preventing future pavement problems.

Crack sealing is an extremely economical way of maintaining pavements. It is very cheap and effective when compared to undertaking other more extensive works such as resurfacing and reconstructing the pavement. Crack sealing is a practical and cost effective measure and is part of any good pavement management program for all roads.

Pothole People use a cold applied crack sealer. It possesses flexible and fast drying properties enabling vehicular traffic after 30minutes of application. It has very good binding properties and will get right into the crack, sealing it from the bottom up. A lot of hot rubber crack sealers have a thick viscosity and only ‘bridge’ the crack and don’t get right into the crack therefore only temporarily sealing the crack if at all.


Trench Excavation and Resurfacing

We cover and seal electrical trenchesPothole People Qld recently were engaged by a major electrical contractor to assist with laying new power supply cables. PHP have all the equipment required to carry out this work from start to finish. After receiving approval from Dial Before You Dig we saw cut the edges then excavated the trench and removed all the spoil off site. After the contractor laid their cables, Pothole People Qld reinstated the trench, carefully compacting around the cable whilst ensuring suitable compaction was achieved to minimise future sinking. Pothole People Qld will resurface the trench with asphalt in the near future.

Company representative Ross Radovanovich says he is receiving more enquiries from electrical and plumber contractors to carry out the complete job of excavation through to reinstatement so the contractor can get on with the work they are expert in and get Pothole People Qld to utilise their expertise, equipment and experience in getting the job done properly.


Speed Bumps

Speed bumpsSpeed Bumps are a requirement in most business centres, hotels, shopping centres and all private places where the public drive their cars, to ensure vehicles won't travel at excessive speeds. Speed bumps can also be used to divert water into drainage pits or gutters.


Road Profiling

The profiler

We have two road profilers both 450mm wide unit which attach to our BOBCAT 650s and CAT 272c loaders. These are versatile machines used for milling out failed asphalt and road base up to 200mm deep. It leaves a clean edge ready for reinstatement with deep lift asphalt or road base & asphalt. This saves you time and money as there is no need for saw cutting the perimeter and particularly for shallow depths it leaves a clean level base.


More than just Potholes and Asphalt Repairs

Pothole Repairs, Asphalt Repairs & Complete Asphalt Laying Projects.

Pothole People QLD excel at premium Asphalt and Bitumen repairs and complete asphalt projects. We have done so for over 26 years.

Others may say they guarantee and they may say their price is the best. We say we are the best and we never let you down.

Put us to the test today and find out why Pothole People QLD has stood the test of time in asphalt and bitumen repairs and complete asphalt laying projects from small to major and everything in between.

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  • Fast and Reliable - we turn up when we say we're going to and get your proposals and quotes to you within 24 hours or earlier
  • Quality and Value - we only use top quality products and our customers get what they're paying for without compromising quality
  • Experienced and Professional - with over 25 years in the business, we are Brisbane's longest running asphalt repair company and all of our staff are professionally trained in the art of asphalt
  • Advice and Satisfaction - if there's a problem and we can help... we will. We value our customers therefore we go the extra mile to ensure great results

Pothole Repairs

Need potholes repaired

We repair Potholes in asphalt and bitumen surfaces including crack and trip hazards to prevent damage to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.


Asphalt Laying

Need asphalt laying

We digout, overlay and resurface asphalt areas including car parks, bitumen roads, driveways, common areas and much more.


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