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Bitumen Chip Seal and Asphalt pavements are produced with a thermoplastic material bitumen binder, which gets harder as the ambient temperature goes down, and gets softer as it goes up. These mixtures are designed to be flexible to minimise cracking under normal loads, and to seal the road base which is the foundation of any driveway, car park or road.

Care should be exercised in the use of asphalt and bitumen pavements, particularly early in the life of the pavement.

Physical damage

1. Motorcycle or bicycle kickstands, and jockey wheels for trailers, should be placed on blocks or pads to prevent indentations into the pavement surface.

2. Care should be exercised in turning vehicles with power steering while the vehicle is stationary as surface scuffing may result.

3. Over time trees also have a habit of sending their roots under pavements forcing the surrounding ground away and uplifting the surface.

Chemical damage

Bitumen binder is a by-product of the distillation of crude petroleum. It is soluble in other petroleum products or fuels. Care should be exercised to prevent spillage of petrol, diesel, motor oil or other products that would damage the asphalt/bitumen surface.

If a spill does occur, immediate action is necessary to prevent permanent structural and/or aesthetic damage to the driveway surface. Steps include:

1. Use absorbent material to remove excess spilled substance and dispose of appropriately.

2. Flush the surface with water from a hose to wash away and/or dilute the product spilled.

3. Use a household detergent with degreaser and a brush with non-metallic bristles to thoroughly scrub the spill area and then re-rinse with water.

To give you a professional result we have asphalt planning and paving equipment, and a range of products and equipment to successfully seal cracks in your pavement. Early intervention and sealing of cracks will delay the cost of a major repair and extend the life of the pavement.