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Sound advice for a quality job

A customer recently wanted us to carry out a job for them on the Bayside. It was on a council road and on further inspection our trained consultant discovered some problems with the preparation of the job.
He informed the client that the area was not deep enough on one side, therefore the client was able to rectify thus avoiding a potential failure down the track. This is the sort of service you get with Pothole People QLD! Our dedicated consultants will visit the site and inform you of any issues that may cause problems later on so its fixed before we turn up with the asphalt!!


baysidebefore thumb


baysideafter thumb

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New asphalt for hospital

Pothole People Qld recently carried out the upgrade & expansion to the Laidley Hospital car park. The ageing car park was in bad need of repair and with the increasing population in the area more car spaces were required.

Laidley Hospital  Laidley Hospital Laidley Hospital Laidley Hospital

A program of works was established to work around the ongoing activities of the hospital and to ensure patients and hospital staff were not disrupted.

Even aftelaidley Hospitalr a major storm hit the area towards the end of the project, because of the preparation and quality of work already done we were able to carry on and complete the job on time.

Hospital staff were amazed that all the work could be carried out within just 4 days, and most of the crew stayed in the township during construction which gave a small boost to the economy!

"Queensland Health and Queensland Education are regular clients of Pothole People Qld. We believe it is not just winning tenders on price but also the quality systems in place to deliver and exceed customer expectations." said Pothole People Qld CEO, Greg Quince.


Large area asphalt resurfacing

We recently completed this work for a customer with a large area of carpark that badly needed asphalt resurfacing.  With all hands on deck, the new surface was completed and ready to drive on in 24 hours.  Restored as new!.

largearearesurface1 thumb largearearesurface2 thumb

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Raising funds for the Australian Red Cross

Big-Cake-BakeThis month, Pothole People are pleased to be supporting the Australian Red Cross's "Big Cake Bake 2013" charity fund raising event. 

On August 27th, Michelle Pinkerton and Pothole staffers will be baking up a storm to raise funds for this very worthwhile cause.

Donations raised from Big Cake Bake will support the everyday work of Red Cross, including programs and services to help some of the most vulnerable people in Australia and overseas.

You too can show your support by donating via the link below:


Travelling Conmen offering Bitumen/asphalt services

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is warning residents in South East Queensland about a group of known bitumen bandits operating in the area.

The men previously advertised their services in a number of Brisbane newspapers, but fled the area after being approached by Fair Trading investigators. Residents are urged to exercise extreme caution. The ads include misleading statements about surplus stock, limited time availability and discounts in order to entice consumers to respond.

The men, last seen driving trucks with Victorian licence plates, are known to perform sub-standard work using watered-down materials, and pressure residents into paying more money than originally agreed.The OFT is warning householders to be wary of bitumen layers who offer 'limited time only' price reductions and claim to have bitumen left over from another job. As these operators have placed ads in local papers instead of only soliciting business door-to-door like most itinerant traders, the OFT is concerned consumers may be less wary of them. Residents are reminded extra protections for door-to-door agreements do not apply if you make first contact with the trader, although you still have the usual protections under the Australian Consumer Law. If these or other traders do approach you door-to-door, ensure you know your rights. Residents are urged to be wary if approached by traders offering bitumen laying or other home maintenance in return for upfront cash payment.

Bitumen bandits often perform substandard work using watered-down materials and leave without completing the job.

It is illegal for door-to-door traders to take any upfront payments or deposits for services valued at more than $100. Door-to-door traders must leave premises immediately if asked to do so.

Consumers must be given a 10 business day cooling-off period and be provided with documentation to enable them to cancel the contract at any stage during this period.
Residents should also be wary of traders with no business address or those that can only cite a post office box, suite number, email address or mobile phone as their contact details.

Any person who has concerns about traders who have approached them door-to-door should take notes about the trader and the registration number of their vehicle, and contact the Office of Fair Trading via: www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au or call 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Link to office of fair trading departmental link : Here

Clay under Brisbane

Brisbane has a lot of clay in the sub grade (ground) that causes a lot of failures.

When it's hot and dry it doesn't cause too many problems, maybe a bit of cracking, but when it rains the clay gets wet and soft leading to degradation of the sub-base. That's why when it rains you'll always get potholes forming in asphalt surfaces. We recommend that you get it fixed while it's hot and dry - before the storms and rain destroy it.

Don't get caught out, do it right

While smaller back yard asphalt companies will only look at the quick fix, this will only work for a while and in the end you'll have to fix it twice. This ends up costing you a lot more.

Use professionals

Pothole People can do a detailed check of your pavement areas to determine if clay is an issue, and we can give you a proposal that will fix the area properly, professionally and without future hassles.

Morningside SS

Some Work at Schools during the last School Holidays 


This is some tricky asphalt work we just completed at Morningside State School in between some of the classrooms, The access wasnt good so the asphalt had to be carted in via skid steer loader. Another quality job completed by the guys at PHP! 

Some more quality school work

Marsden State SchoolMarsden State School, Installed 46 Carstops, done on time, on budget and with a very happy customer. 

Pothole People's New Race car

Pothole People Qld CEO Greg Quince racing at the State Championships at Morgan Park Raceway last weekend. He came 2nd overall for the weekend, was a good result for the new car.

Greg says it’s the fastest way to check out the asphalt repairs to the track.

Pothole People also use the car for customer ride days & charity events.

corvette at Morgan Park 2nd sept 12


Another Quality job Completed by Pothole People Qld 

One of our clients approched us with a problem and being the problem solvers we are we were happy to help out. The job was in a large yard where heavy vehicles are working all the time. The yard had a lot of clay failures in the surface and had become dangerous. Our estimator identified this and recommeded a pavement treatment that would work and last a long time and not just a patch up that wouldnt. We excavated out 300mm deep of the waste, added a Geofabric Cloth to stop any furthur clay from entering the sub grade.  

020  019

We then added a road base and compacted in layers, Spray with an emulsion tack coat which will bind the asphalt to the road base and finally the good stuff a high grade Dg 14mm asphalt. This will give our clients yard years of hard use. Another quality application and satisfied customer!!

Donating blankets to the needy

p1020573Pothole People Qld recently bought over 1000 blankets at auction to donate to charity. PHP CEO Greg Quince saw the blankets at an online auction whilst looking for equipment for the business. Always wanting to give back to the community Greg kept bidding until he succeeded in winning 2 lots of blankets.

Jason Woodforth MP for the seat of Nudgee put Greg in contact with Craig Michaels the founder of Connected and Craig gratefully accepted the donation.

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