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Cracks in your asphalt? Crack Sealing may be the answer!

If you have cracks in your asphalt or concrete surface, we can seal them up before they cause a major issue.

Pothole People only use a hot rubberised, polymer crack sealing solution that is heated to 180 degrees and mechanically applied through a walk behind machine. Our professionally trained operators are certified to carry out the process and know how to get it right each time.   

Don’t be fooled by suppliers trying to reduce their costs only to make more money at your expense. For example, some will use a cold crack sealer which is inferior and inevitably creates more problems because it shrinks and becomes inflexible when it sets. The inflexibility results in re-cracking causing water to enter the pavement again.

These cracks then allow water to enter the asphalt pavement and therefore the sub grade or road base, and allow the road base and ultimately your asphalt to fail.

Asphalt crack sealing as caried out by Pothole People, is the only full repair method accepted by QLD Main Roads & Councils that can extend the life of your asphalt pavement. Need to know more? Contact us now for a free, no obligation quote.