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Preparing your own road base

If you are getting ready for asphalting and want to prepare the surface yourself, it is wise to make sure that you have put in enough road base to suit the job. If there is not sufficient road base then more asphalt will be required, which in turn will cost you more money. If you are unsure whether you have prepared the area adequately then ask PHP Asphalt to do a free site pre-inspection. This will ensure there are no surprises on the day.

Of course, if you don't want to prepare the surface yourself, PHP Asphalt is here to do that part of the work too. We have all the personnel, plant and machinery to carry out the job from start to finish, so you can be assured you will have a quality repaired area with no problems later on.

New Excavator required for workload

Due to the high demand, we found our customers needed larger carparks, hardstands and road ways to be excavated. As such, we found the need for a larger excavator. PHP already had a 5.5 ton machine but it just wasn’t cutting the mustard so we set about upgrading.

new excavator 1 thumb new excavator 2 thumb

We found a Cat 8.5 ton machine to be perfect so purchased it and put to work right away on a large carpark job we are working on at Eagle Farm in Brisbane.

Due to the large amounts of kerbing and concrete we had to remove on an almost daily basis we decided on a thumb attachment. This speeds up loading and removal of the waste and therefore we can pass the time savings on to the customer.

Contact PHP now for a prompt quote on your large handstand or carpark job: 1800 768 465

PHP Driveways

Pothole People not only do potholes, carparks, hardstands and roadways but we also do residential driveways. The work speaks for itself!

This driveway was badly damaged and in very poor state. To restore it to beauty and durability we swept it free of loose material and then repaired the failed areas. Finally we overlaid with nice smooth new asphalt 

It goes without saying - call PHP for your quality asphalt work!

driveway repair1 thumb driveway repair2 thumb driveway repair3 thumb driveway repair4 thumb

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Movie World Main Street paving

Our customer, Movie World, wanted the main street in the theme park resurfaced due to trip hazards from areas breaking up and also to get a look that presents well to their customers.

movie world thumbAs the park is open almost every day of the year there was a logistical problem of how PHP Asphalt were going to carry out the work. The street had to be done at night (of course while the park was closed) and had to be ready for use the following day's opening.

We worked in with Movie World management to formulate a plan to undertake the work over three nights with no disruption to park activities or the public. On completion the management were so happy with the quality of finish, level of service and value for money we had achieved they have told us they are recommending us to other theme parks and businesses.

Another quality job completed by the asphalt professionals - PHP Asphalt & Construction. Call now: 1800 768 465

Don't tolerate bad asphalt work

We regularly deal with issues that customers have experienced with bad asphalt work performed by other asphalt companies. Generally complaints stem from a poor standard of work or failure within a short period after work is completed. These are things you should not have to tolerate, and we believe that getting the job done right the first time is the key to successful asphalt laying.

At Pothole People we select a treatment for your asphalt job that will work and not fail in a few weeks or days. We strive to do top quality work because we care about our customers and our reputation - and we want the job to last.

Don't be fooled by cheap, Brisbane backyard asphalt operators, including the notorious "Bitumen Bandits" offering substandard leftover product. What may seem too good to be true usually is and may cost you dearly in expansive repairs. Get it done right the first time! Call Pothole People QLD now!

Fuel company gets sued for pothole

We were contacted yesterday by a fuel company urgently requiring repairs to their asphalt apron to a service station. A customer had stepped into a pothole twisting their ankle and subsequently making a substantial legal claim.

As always we treat this situation with the utmost urgency as safety is our number one priority. Pothole People Qld were right on to it and have the area repaired inside 24 hours.

Don’t let this situation cost you. Pothole People Qld can save you from the expense and embarrassment of legal claims.

Call us now for a FREE on site consultation for your Bitumen and Asphalt areas.  

The destruction rate of an asphalt pavement varies

Heat and sunlight will accelerate the deterioration process of asphalt; salt will act as a catalyst. Water which penetrates the surface can get into the base course to cause trouble, and at the same time start oxidising the asphaltic binder inside the pavement. A more dense mix will not oxidise as rapidly as a coarse, open pavement. The ticker the asphalt the longer it will last.

On the highways they use a porous asphalt so the water actually goes through the asphalt and drains to the side of the road or into kerb and channel, this is more skid resistant than conventional asphalt.

Car and truck traffic create the danger of fuel and oil spillage, which will soften the asphalt and lead to its breakup.

Facts about asphalt cracks

A good asphalt pavement seldom wears out; external factors destroy the asphalt oil or bitumen that binds it all together. Slowly at first, quickly as time goes on.

As soon as the freshly laid hot asphalt pavement begins to cool, so also begins the aging process which will eventually rob the pavement of its life. When oxygen and water, which constantly bathe the pavement, start to combine with the bitumen binder of the pavement, a chemical change takes place. At first, this process is necessary for the pavement to become hard and firm. Later, if this process is not arrested, a complete deterioration of the asphaltic binder will take place and reduce the pavement to a layer of loose stone.

The asphalt binder is essentially what differentiates a gravel road from a sealed road.

Asphalt Paving

At Pothole People Qld we can not only look after your small potholes and repairs, but we are geared up with two asphalt paving machines that can pave widths from 1 metre all the way up to 5 metres wide.

These machines ensure you get an even finish to the asphalt, its quicker and also a more uniform look than if you were doing the job by hand as many other smaller backyard contractors may do.

Asphalt profiling

The team at Pothole people have some specialised equipment for carrying out a quality job for our customers. We have two skid steer profilers of which we use to cut a clean edge and also dig out (Profile) failed asphalt or bitumen areas. The great thing about these machines is the short amount of time it takes to go from failed patch to new asphalt area. Profilers make a neater job than an excavator and are much quicker which means less downtime for the customer and disruption to business and traffic is minimised.

march pothole thumb Profiling patch thumb

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The profilers are also used when doing asphalt overlays on existing surfaces as we can profile tie ins to kerbs, current utility service covers and from the existing to the new area to minimise a bump or high spot in new pavement join.

Due to recent advances in technology, Pothole people can even recycle the old profiling's, the Asphalt plants take it as Rap (Reclaimed asphalt pavement) which goes back into making new asphalt.

Asphalt Paving at a golf club

The team at Pothole People have been hard at work on a new project at a Brisbane golf course. The client wanted some 300m of new tracks for the golf carts to use as their existing tracks were in a bad way.

Pothole People went in profiled up all the old material, added new road base and reinstated areas with a nice smooth asphalt finish, and all completed to the clients expectations, on budget and on time with minimal disruption to the Players on the course. The customer was so happy they want us back to do more in the near future.

golf course thumb Finshed pathway thumb Paving golf course tracks thumb

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