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With the extensive flooding in Queensland earlier in the year, we’ve seen a rise in the amount of flood repair works needed. We value each one of our clients, both existing and new, and we are scheduling works to meet your timeframes to the best of our ability. You may find there is a bit of a delay in the time we get to your asphalt project, but we think we are worth the wait. We hope you do too! 

We are often called upon to fix up the asphalt works of other providers who lack the experience and expertise that comes from being in the business for over 2 decades. Fully insured, certified and easy to work with, we have made sure that we offer you the best – a skilled and friendly team of asphalt professionals, the latest and most innovative equipment, and fantastic customer service. 

Find out more about the extensive range of asphalt services we offer and take a look at the wonderful things our customers have to say about us. 

We pride ourselves on being open and honest with our customers. The flooding and recent rain have made it difficult for all asphalt providers to complete works. We will let you know if this impacts upon your project. We unfortunately can’t control the weather (we wish we could!). Rest assured though, that when it comes to your project, we won’t be rushing through it. We will take the same care and attention as we have always done, ensuring the high-quality finish our customers have come to expect from us. 

Feel free to chat to us today about your upcoming asphalt needs or your existing works. 

The Pothole People Qld team.