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Adam works closely with the Operations Manager, Workshop Manager, Administration Manager and Pothole’s estimators to keep everyday operations in and out of the office running smoothly. He oversees the company’s systems and staff management, performance, training and inductions. He’ll be the person who ensures that you are delivered an outstanding service, in every detail. He’ll work with suppliers to ensure the best rates and quality for all external services and products needed. 

Adam believes in quality rather than quantity. He values working hard every day and never giving up. He believes in looking after the people around him and in treating people the way he expects to be treated. 

Adam has been with Pothole People since 2005 and enjoys working for a small company where people really matter and where there is a strong family feel. He also appreciates the versatility in his role and not just doing the same things again and again. 

Adam started out on a chip seal crew with his uncle as a traffic controller and roller driver. He then moved into asphalt services and has been doing it ever since. He credits his most significant achievements as helping to turn Pothole People into a very efficient, well organised organisation that focuses on meeting and exceeding customer expectations and delivering excellence in product and service quality. Winning a million-dollar contact with Brisbane Markets and keeping the project on budget was also a career highlight for Adam.Outside of work, Adam is a Shokotan karate purple belt who enjoys family bush walks, jogging and mountain biking with his sons.

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