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Pothole People

Brisbane Asphalt & Bitumen Repairs

Trench Excavation and Resurfacing

We cover and seal electrical trenchesPothole People Qld recently were engaged by a major electrical contractor to assist with laying new power supply cables. PHP have all the equipment required to carry out this work from start to finish. After receiving approval from Dial Before You Dig we saw cut the edges then excavated the trench and removed all the spoil off site. After the contractor laid their cables, Pothole People Qld reinstated the trench, carefully compacting around the cable whilst ensuring suitable compaction was achieved to minimise future sinking. Pothole People Qld will resurface the trench with asphalt in the near future.

Company representative Ross Radovanovich says he is receiving more enquiries from electrical and plumber contractors to carry out the complete job of excavation through to reinstatement so the contractor can get on with the work they are expert in and get Pothole People Qld to utilise their expertise, equipment and experience in getting the job done properly.