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Asphalt Crack Sealing

Crack sealingCrack sealingCrack sealing

Cracks in pavements allow moisture to penetrate the surface, which causes permanent material failure. Failure to seal cracks results in further cracking, potholes and eventually a major pavement breakdown, leading to unnecessary expensive repairs.

To minimise the water infiltrating the pavement base, crack sealing with a polymer/rubberised bitumen sealant is required, preventing future pavement problems.

Crack sealing is an extremely economical way of maintaining pavements. It is very cheap and effective when compared to undertaking other more extensive works such as resurfacing and reconstructing the pavement. Crack sealing is a practical and cost effective measure and is part of any good pavement management program for all roads.

Pothole People use a cold applied crack sealer. It possesses flexible and fast drying properties enabling vehicular traffic after 30minutes of application. It has very good binding properties and will get right into the crack, sealing it from the bottom up. A lot of hot rubber crack sealers have a thick viscosity and only ‘bridge’ the crack and don’t get right into the crack therefore only temporarily sealing the crack if at all.